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App Review: One of the Best Investing Apps for Beginners?

App Review: One of the Best Investing Apps for Beginners?

so you considering investing with the new app. in  this post i’m going to go over the crows and concert almond hood who i think this at his best designed



before and my overall experience using  so far

hey guys this is area of mercy reviews and on this website i read you different asked gas it’s software and other online only courses

and then a point feel you to check out this show notes and description box below always a good recap all the points i covered in the post as well as any other once i forgot to mention

for ice and enjoying now i think that’s pretty need overall because it’s really good for investing

now the goal a lot of broker just you have mobile apps but this one is a really seamless design

the interface is really user friendly and it’s great for begin some

investing which i am myself now one of the major drops  is that it’s a zero dollar commissions completely free trade

to buy and to sell no cost completely free trading now when you compare this to a larger progress such as each and marriage ways

for sometimes a condition and costs upwards of ten dollars per afraid them he’s ten dollars to buy and tens dollars this cell and well to my not sound like a lot

over time that really does add up and will eat answer profits another great thing about the robin had investing platform these there’s no minimum to get started you can start with these little as one dollar if you find a stock that little but most of the times most

we’re going to be in the range of twenty dollars to a hundred dollars around that range so

you’re really don’t need a large amounts to get started if you invest in a common

you’re all myself from the app and i got more money back to my banking about to business days so

i haven’t had neat about experiences i haven’t seen any bad experiences of people have been scanned by the at so i think it’s pretty safe to say it that’s pretty reliable and trust yap now if you’re

like me in our completely new to investing i’m going to recommend a book that’s really helping me up

if this book right here it’s called they need this little guy the stock market investing it’s by the author adjacent kelly i really like this book it’s really helped me as a complete new be to investing about understanding the

we hope to link down we only to check out the availability of the book as was made reached and other of on the book itself so pretty much when it comes down to it i’m going to give the rather hand


if you have any common to feel free to leave him down below

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